The company was born in 2008 as a romanian electrical company having it’s main activity in the field of electrical design, mounting and services for electrical housing projects and domestic equipments.

Logo Nimatron Technik

Since 2015 the company started to build projects in the industrial and automotive sectors, including electrical panels and automation systems with plc programming. Soon after we recorded great growth in this industry due to our great engineers, we have been able since to give birth to more complex projects. Due to good colaboration with companies in building reliable projects together from 2015, Nimatron Technik has become a tight partner for local automotive industry having our own production warehouse, with 15 employees and 4 co-workers in this field.

In 2018 we started to design an automatic line that aims to take the ice cream from the conveyor and place it in boxes. This project was a great challenge for the Nimatron team, being a rather complex project.

In 2020 we started a new project for programming robotic arms for various rather complex actions (welding, palletizing, pick and place, painting, etc.). This project is under construction and a great challenge for the Nimatron team, and we do not stop here.