Assembly parts

Mechanical processing in various applications ( cutting, milling, turning, bending, mortising, heat and surface treatments, etc. ).


Electrical panels for power supply, command, control and automation made in-house. The electrical instalattions are executed up to BMPT under ANRE authorization Nr. 16250.

Mechanical design and parts

We offer mechanical processing of any kind and of any type of material, all parts being designed 3d and 2d under SolidWorks license.

                                                                      PLC Programming

The automated lines and stations are programmed and controlled by the PLC with Siemens workstation in programming language TIA Portal V14, V15, Step7, Omron, Schneider, Delta, etc.

We provide :

  • 3D and 2D mechanical design under SolidWorks license;
  • Electrical design under Eplan license;
  • PLC programming with Siemens workstation in TIA Portal programming language V14, V15, Step7, Omron, Schneider, Delta, etc.;
  • Execution of electrical panels for automation, distribution, lighting, etc.;
  • Execution of electrical installations up to BMPT under ANRE authorization No. 16250;
  • Mechanical processing of any king of any type of material;
  • Mechanical assemblies and PIFs;
  • Complete solutions for production equipment and custom automation.